Graft coffee table/Outofbox

Graft coffee table/Outofbox


Product info:

Table top: Solid EU Walnut, Oak, Ash

Legs: Solid EU Walnut, Oak, Ash

Size high coffee table:

DIAM 45 cm H: 51 cm

Size low coffee table:

DIAM 55 cm H: 43 cm

Coating: Hardwax oil natural 1505/ Hardwax oil white 1015

Design: Design Schneider

Delivery time: :45- 60 days

Packaging: flat - pack

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Can we have a ready to use coffee table and at the same time save space and cost when shipping and moving?

This was our main goal when working in this flat-pack table concept with Designschneider studio. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a table in the market that is flat-pack without looking too much like a very technical or cold piece of furniture. That´s why with this product we were very focused on having a look as warm and soft as possible.


Graft table